Doctoral and postdoctoral positions

We are always looking for outstanding candidates interested in pursuing a Ph.D. or interested in a postdoctoral position. To get an idea of the topics we are interested in, please have a look at our papers. Currently we are particularly looking for students with a strong mathematical and/or coding background interested in the theory and practice of machine learning. We expect good oral and written English language skills.

Your application should comprise at least: An application letter pointing out why you are interested in our work and a detailed curriculum vitae together with transcripts of grades. We do not expect overly formal application material, but will definitely not consider applications that are incomplete, generic, or not meaningful. Please send your application to:

Masters and Bachelors thesis

If you are interested in a Masters or Bachelor thesis project in our group we are happy to propose a concrete problem related to our current interests. Our group focuses on i) machine learning and optimization, in particular ii) learning from few and or noisy data, iii) deep learning for inverse problems, iv) active learning, and v) DNA data storage. To get an idea about our current research projects, please check out our recent papers. Projects usually involve a mixture of theory and applied work and require strong interest documented by excellent grades in relevant subjects such as basic math courses (linear algebra, probability, and statistics), machine learning, signal processing, optimization.

If you are interested in a project, please send an email with i) information about which topic you are generally interested in, ii) what the timeline is (rough start and end dates), and iii) your curriculum vitae and transcript of records to:

External Masters and Bachelors thesis

We are not interested in supervising Masters and Bachelors theses carried out externally in a company, unless they are very related to one of our current research project.